Brother Butch Beats the Bus

Wow!!! What an amazing day. We were able to help feed the kids today. They ate red beans and rice with vegtables and chicken. It was so fun to help out with this. The kids knew something was up and the area was abuzz with excitement. We had to guard the doors to the church to keep the street kids out as we did not have enough for all of them. This is a sad phenomen that is prevelant everywhere we go here. So many needs for the resources we have.

The temp was 95 and humid today and the icecream was melting fast. We served icecream with two cookies. The kids really enjoyed it. The kids sang several songs to us and did a fantastic job. Then…we passed out the boxes. How awesome that was!!! We all felt so privledged to deliver our boxes to these kids. They thanked us and went to the courtyard to open the boxes.

We will save more of that for the video show. We also gave boxes to each of the teachers for their children to share as well as to the other staff. Parents were lined up with their kids to get someting. God willing, next year we can put smiles on a few more faces.

After this awesome experience we set off with more candy, cross necklaces and shoe’s to the little girl with the sad brown eye’s. They had prepared some songs for us, all dressed up in their best. They were so quite and polite while they waited for us. We passed out our goodies to smiling, excited aces. We had many “merci’s”.

With that we were back in the trucks and down the road to the next church. This chuch was quite a drive out of Port Au Prince. The scenary was lovely. People’s standard of living appeared to be a bit better than in the city with more stable structures ¬†and less tents. We drove by a couple of factories and a few outdoor markets. Flies coupled with the heat made the meat really unappealing. The chuch we went to had been rebuilt and had a very nice baptisty. ¬†Church meets several times a week and for 3 hours on Sunday.

Here more children came than what was planned for, so we did not have enough of anything for everyone except suckers. The kids again were dressed in their best and sang to us. Such lovely voices! We chatted with the kids a bit and left the distribution to the local Pastor. We all felt that was a good decision. It can get a bit scary when the kids start swarming you for things ina bit of frenzy. We all joked about this is why we think they just air drop food into these types of area’s.

The trip back was quite an experience. Driving here is always an adventure. One of our team members has been renamed Brother Butch as Pastor Lenny has a hard time remembering his name. Since Brother Chuck was out of commission, we needed another driver. Thus Brother Butch drove the second vehicle today so we didn’t all have to ride in the back of the truck. The trip was dusty and hot with a lot of traffic on the way back. Stop lights are not stictly enforced here. Road ediquette is very different. Sidewalks are more for cars than people. Lanes are created. Horns are used like blinkers. Josh commented “Is it rude to use horn when driving on the sidewalk?” We were stopped for 10-15 minutes at a time. With Matt and Josh in the back of the truck with several Haitians caused quite a stir amongst the locals. As traffic flows merged Brother Butch had to really be on his game so as not to lose the others. This caused some screams to come from the passengers (Kris) as she could touch the bus next to us.

There were several near misses along the way and shouts of joy from all in the vehicle when we played chicken with a bus and won!! Yeah Brother Butch! Much fun was certainly had on the way back. We enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by Madame Margerie. It has been a long wonderful day which we are all greatful to have shared.


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