Brown Eye’s

We had a wonderful day today in Haiti. We all feel so blessed by this experience! The ladies spent the morning with some local Pastor’s wives. We were blessed to hear them sing songs of praise. While we missed the essence of the message and prayers we could feel their passion and love. We lead them in some games that were somewhat lost in translation, but still fun. Madame Marjorie (Pastor Lenny’s wife)is a great source of encouragement for them. We gave them shoes for themselves and their children as well as some gift bags with rice and toiletries that they were so appreciative of! The men built beautiful shelves for a classroom as well as worked on getting our “shoeboxes” out of customs. Keep the prayers coming.

While we were with the ladies, Lenny informed Doug and Chuck of a boy, Amos, who lives on the streets and can not afford to come school. They need to buy uniforms and books. The cost is $175.00 for the year. Our team had the ability to pay for him to go to school for the year with the funds we paid to come here. He was in tears with joy. We were pleased to have the privilege to do that for him.

This afternoon we went to two areas where Lenny has planted churches. One is in the “worst” area of Port Au Prince. The conditions were disturbing to say the least. So many children, shoeless, pantless, walking on broken concrete, rubble everywhere, sewage along the street. Unfortunately much of Port Au Prince resembles this. We passed out some candies to a few children that came out to see us. We left this area quite quickly as it is still not the best place for us to be. Lenny is very cautious on where he brings us. We all rode in a truck today. Five of us were in the cab and the rest hanging on the truck. Quite the scene. 🙂

The second location we traveled to was a bit more remote feeling as it was along a river and had some greenery. We walked a ways and saw the church that was destroyed in the earthquake. Another is being built and looks to be quite nice. The children really tug at your heart. We met a sweet little girl with the saddest brown eye’s. Her almost naked brother was with her and kept putting his arm around her. Both were only a few years old. We had no candy left at this point and all decided we should just take them home with us. So many children you’d like to offer a better life for. Lenny said we could return to see them again and bring some shoe’s. Hopefully we can get a smile from our little sad eyed girl.

Wednesday night is church night and Pastor Doug had the opportunity to share his humor and his wisdom with the congregation. As has been the pattern here, evenings bring power outages and the Haitians did not miss a beat during their service despite the power generator going on and off. Pastor Doug preached to a tough crowd who did not understand his humor. One word Pastor Lenny did not know in creole so we have no idea what he told the congregation. The service was ended after a wonderful testimony from Shaun. The bible passages were read by flashlight, which was a new experience.

Bon Nuit,

-Kris Sandal

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