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Merry Christmas!

I added some videos to the video page, one trip to the market and two projects we worked on. I’m working on a video that kind of encompass the whole trip. I’m hoping that will be ready soon after Christmas.

Orevwa Ayiti

This morning we had some breakfast and saw Pastor Chuck off, he had a 9am flight. We’re in the process of loading up the truck with luggage. Our flight is at 1pm local time. The young boy returned with his mother and father, so we were able to clean and dress the wound one last […]

Praising God in Haiti

Sunday morning. We headed over to chuch where those of us from the OC greeted. It was fun to welcome everyone. There was a team from Montgomery Alabama here from the United Methodist Church. They are staying with another missionay here. They brought some dentists and doctors with them and had a clinic for the […]

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Where’s the Beef?

Today was laundry day around the feeding center and a work day for us. About 30 people live on the compound here. It is heaven compared to their options. Pastor Leni, Pastor Chuck, and Brother Butch went to scout a location for another feeding center by the boarder. (If you haven’t guessed yet Brother Butch […]

Brother Butch Beats the Bus

Wow!!! What an amazing day. We were able to help feed the kids today. They ate red beans and rice with vegtables and chicken. It was so fun to help out with this. The kids knew something was up and the area was abuzz with excitement. We had to guard the doors to the church […]

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The Streets of Haiti

We had an eventful day today.  After breakfast we went with Lenny to the ruins of the Presidential Palace.  We were able to see a lot of the city.  It is crazy how much of it is filled with tent cities.  Streets are narrow and filled with cars despite the almost $5.00/gal gas here.  We are amazed […]

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Brown Eye’s

We had a wonderful day today in Haiti. We all feel so blessed by this experience! The ladies spent the morning with some local Pastor’s wives. We were blessed to hear them sing songs of praise. While we missed the essence of the message and prayers we could feel their passion and love. We lead […]

Trip to the Market

Took a trip to the market. It was pretty crowded. The market was called Star 2000 Super Market. They had pretty much everything you’d expect to find in a market. We bought our food for the week. Sandwich fixing, spaghetti, pancake mix, bacon and eggs, cereal, juice, soda, water, chips, burrito fixing, and lots of other […]