Orevwa Ayiti

This morning we had some breakfast and saw Pastor Chuck off, he had a 9am flight. We’re in the process of loading up the truck with luggage. Our flight is at 1pm local time.

The young boy returned with his mother and father, so we were able to clean and dress the wound one last time. It looked to be in fairly good condition and beginning to heal. We gave his parents some supplies so that they can attempt to re-wrap it.

We had an absolutely amazing time here. The Christmas boxes were definitely the highlight of the trip. Leny said that they have never been able to give the children presents before, it was an amazing experience. Saturday and Sunday we saw many children playing with items that they received in their boxes.

We all had a great time but we’re ready to come home and see all our families.  Until next time…

Nwen Rinmin Ou  Ayiti (We Love You Haiti)


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