Praising God in Haiti

Sunday morning. We headed over to chuch where those of us from the OC greeted. It was fun to welcome everyone. There was a team from Montgomery Alabama here from the United Methodist Church. They are staying with another missionay here. They brought some dentists and doctors with them and had a clinic for the local’s. Very needed and appreciated! Some ladies sang today and sounded absolutely beautiful!!

Pastor Chuck gave the message while Pastor Leny interpreted. He spoke about getting out of our comfort zone and into the work of what the Lord would have us do. At the end of the 2 hour service we were all presented with t-shirts from the feeding center. Doug and Chuck both got a replica of our feeding center sign on their shirts…very cool. We had lunch with some of the Filipino’s from the UN who come here for church. It was amazing how Margorie put so much good food together in such a short amount of time.

We passed out some additional gifts to the children of the deaf. There seems to be a fairly large population of deaf people in the chuch. They had several people taking turns signing during the service. Several came forward and accepted Christ today. It was an awesome service! We still have some small things to pass out, but it is so hard when you can not give something to everyone. Bags of rice were also distributed today. We are getting better at how to deal with the crowds and those who continue to ask when you have nothing left to give. It is difficult, but necessary.

We are relaxing now and will go to evening services at 5:00. We can hardly believe that we will be on our way home in less than 24 hours. We have had an amazing trip. Our accommodations have been great. Except for cold showers and interrupted electricity, it is almost like being at home. :-). We praise God we are all healthy and injury free. We all love the Haitian people and hope to return here soon to see those we have come to call friends. Leny, Marjorie and their son John have been awesome hosts. We will all miss them very much!

Church was wonderful with some special music for us.  John sang to us.  He has the sweetest voice!  Leny and Marjorie served us Domino’s pizza for dinner.  Tasted just like in the States.  There was a bit of rain on our last evening so we had our nightly chat inside.  We had a wonderful time sharing with Leny and Marjorie about our experience here this last week.   While we all hope to continue to help the people in Haiti, we are reminded of the need to share the gospel with those around us too.   We had a wonderful, wonderful time.  We have been truly blessed by this experience!

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