The Streets of Haiti

We had an eventful day today.  After breakfast we went with Lenny to the ruins of the Presidential Palace.  We were able to see a lot of the city.  It is crazy how much of it is filled with tent cities.  Streets are narrow and filled with cars despite the almost $5.00/gal gas here.  We are amazed at the level of rubble and buildings that are still as they were after the earthquake, which was almost 2 years ago.

Our first stop was at a Cathedral which now has people living in and around it.  Many people were there looking for food or money.  While our hearts were torn, especially for the children, there was no way to only help a couple of people without being mobbed.  Heart breaking! While there a Haitian National came up to me (Kris) and was reprimanding me for taking a photo after a man asked me to.  Apparently they expect to be paid.  He is well educated and was a bit hostile towards me.  Luckily Lenny and Chuck came to my rescue and told him we were here helping his county.  Lenny told him as an educated national he has a responsibility to help his country work with the government to improve the lives of his countrymen.  It was an interesting encourter.

We picked up our banner that we will hang outside the school.  Very cool to see that here in Haiti.  Feels a little like home to see it so far away.  The boxes arrived and luckily did not create too much of a stir with the kids.  We worked on some projects for Madame Marjorie.  Lenny and Marjorie are so you must be kind and work so hard, it feel good to do even small things for them.  A street kid was injured outside the school and we administered some first aid.  He really needed to go to the hospital, but we are finding that we need to be careful of the precedents we set as we can not help every child.  Another hard lesson.  We spent many moments in prayer yesterday.  Please join us in continued prayers for the people of Haiti.


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