Where’s the Beef?

Today was laundry day around the feeding center and a work day for us. About 30 people live on the compound here. It is heaven compared to their options. Pastor Leni, Pastor Chuck, and Brother Butch went to scout a location for another feeding center by the boarder. (If you haven’t guessed yet Brother Butch is Pastor Doug. Pastor Leni had trouble remembering his name and called him that, we’re not sure if it was a joke or he really couldn’t remember.) Sounds like it was a nice drive that involved a hike to get to the church. About 100 people gathered and sang songs to them. There was no electricity or water that they could see close by. The people were all dressed up to show them their respect.The structure was a tent and apparently very, very hot. Our group was there only about minutes. The rest of us built a couple of tables and benches for the feeding center. We painted them a bright blue and some of the children helped us. We mounted the banner we had made while here for the feeding center. We all felt very proud to see our sign prominatly displayed on the wall.

Last night was our night out at a restaurant. We went to one and they didn’t have any beef, so we left. We stopped at an outdoor market along the way and did a little shopping. Some in our group are expert negotiators! After the market we went to another restuarant called la Maison. They had air conditioning and a TV, the first we’ve had/seen since arriving. It was fun to watch CNN for a few minutes and see what was happening in the world. The power went out while we were there. They have a generator though, so we did not have to eat in the dark. Marjorie & Leni have such a big heart. Always thinking of others. They took all the left overs we hadn’t touched and brought them back to the people who live around here. They are always feeding them something or trying to help anyway they can.

The grounds of the restauant were park like with flowers and Christimas lights. They had some santa claus type lawn ornaments. The restaurant also had a guest house. It was close to the UN and seemed to cater to foreigners. We enjoyed a delicious meal and good company. As the power was out again tonight we sat outside under a full moon and chatted gathered around the thermo cell which was to keep the misquitos away. Another great day in Haiti.

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